Ilia is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the region of Western Greece. It is situated in the western part of the Peloponnese peninsula. Its capital is Pyrgos. Here lie the ancient ruins of Elis, Epitalion, and Olympia, known for the ancient Olympic Games which started in 776 BC. There is a museum with statues that relate to the history of Olympia. Another museum is in Elis, but it is very small. Monasteries are scattered around the region.

The Hoteliers Association of Pyrgos is an institution with a clear program, informed about all developments, staffed properly, and especially ready to assist in every way and decisively enhance the tourism product of the municipality of Pyrgos and beyond. The purpose of the Association is, in addition to substantial support to business tourism.

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Anagennisis Hotel

The luxurious decoration and the comfort of nine fully equipped Junior Suite with high-standard facilities such as a sauna and hydromassage combined with the welcoming family environment and our experienced and knowledgeable staff invite us to the sites and promises you an unforgettable stay.
Phone: (+30) 26210 20780

Arethousa Hotel

The hotel was designed as a private residence, intended to host friends. With comforts and facilities like home, moreover extremely convenient amenities. Everything necessary to make a stay memorable.
Phone: (+30) 26210 42005

Ilida Hotel

The hotel was renovated in 2005. Operating since 1981 providing a comfortable and warm hospitality to the guests of the beautiful city of Pyrgos. It offers single, double and triple rooms.

Phone:  (+30) 26210 28046